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About Us

Since opening in 1972 (over 40 years ago), King Cole Pizza has strived to define what quality and value mean to our customers. From the freshness of our homemade product to the importance of every customer's experience, we feel we have perfected the definition.

Serving local communities of ELA, Boyle Heights, Montebello and its visitors, King Cole Pizza's team values the importance of the food it serves. We use fresh high quality ingredients and make our own pizza dough and pizza sauce from an authentic family recipe daily, we also make our own famous spaghetti sauce from scratch which we are known for. We make our own delicious ranch dressing and spicy sauce for our great buffalo wings which we've been told are the best in the area.

Not everything at King Cole Pizza is healthy but we make it up with rich flavor and great taste. Most of our employees have been working here for a long time (some over 25 years), they know and believe in their product and they serve it with pride. The atmosphere at King Cole Pizza is one of peace and relaxing so our patrons and families can spend quality time together while enjoying good food.